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The 1st Bridge Congress in the memory of Andrzej Żurek

Krakow, October 5th - 7th 2018

The rules of the team tournament

  1. Teams from 4 to 6 people may participate in the tournament. People who have played at least 25 per cent of the boards that can be played by a given team can win Masterpoints and long wave Points in the Grand Prix of Poland Teams long wave.
  2. The scoring system of this tournament is IMP’s converted to VP’s. The tournament is divided into 3 stages:
    • Qualifying stage in groups
    • Swiss stage
    • Play-off stage/ finals in groups.
  3. During the first two stages a fraction 20:0 VP table is used.
  4. During the first two stages and during the finals 6-board matches are played; during the play-offs until the final - 12-board matches (2 times 6 boards); during the final - a 32-board match (4 times 8 boards).
  5. During the first two stages the “bye” is worth 12 VP.
  6. The format:
    • Before the qualifying stage the teams are divided according to the classification of 4 players (Co-efficient or rank) with the loop method into 5-team groups. In the case of a number of teams undividable by 10 teams, an average ranking will be added to the last groups in the loop method.
    • In the qualifying stage 5 matches “group vs group” will be played (the number of teams in the group is irrelevant).
    • During the swiss stage in which all the teams participate and they save their whole scores, five matches will be played.
    • In the swiss stage the spacing for the following matches with the method without repeating in accordance with the current score (The head tournament director may change this agreement).
    • After the swiss stage the first sixteen teams advance to the play-off stage. The remaining teams will be divided in accordance with their scores into 6-team groups and will play 5 matches (each team will play every other one in their group). In the case of more than 6 teams in the last group the first four rounds will be played without repeats and the last round will be played in accordance with the current score with the possibility of a repeat. The winners of each group will receive a financial prize.
    • In the play-off stage:
      • the carry-over calculated in IMP’s equals 25% of the difference in VP between the given teams,
      • in even-numbered segments the team from a higher position after the swiss stage sits down last to the match,
      • pairs for the round of 16 will be chosen according to the ladder for 16 teams (1-16,9-8,5-12, 13-4, 3-14,11-6, 7-10, 15-2) in accordance with the place taken before p/o,
      • after the round of 16 match the losers form two 4-team finals (final B: 1-4,2-3, final C: 5-8, 6-7) which compete for places 9-12(final B) and 13-16(final C). In the finals 2 play-off matches are played (each match 2 times 6 boards). In the second match the winners of the first matches play each other and the losers play each other; all teams compete for three prizes in each final. The carry-over and seating rules apply also for these play-off matches,
      • the winners of the Round of 16 advance to the quarterfinals in accordance withthe play-off ladder,
      • the losers in the quarterfinals finish the tournament ranked 5-8(in the order after the swiss stage), the winners advance in accordance with the play-off ladder to the semifinals,
      • the winners of the semifinals advance to the final, the losers finish the tournament ranked 3-4 in the order after the swiss stage,
      • the final is played on Sunday as a 4 times 8-board match.
  7. Until the final stage starts a rankis determined by:
    • the greater number of VP’s won,
    • the greater number of VP’s won in direct matches,
    • the greater difference in IMP’s won,
    • during the swiss stage: a higher position before the last round,
    • the greater number of IMP’s won divided by IMP’s lost,
    • a draw.
  8. In the case of a draw in the play-off stage the team from a higher place after the swiss stage wins.
  9. All matters that are not discussed in these rules are determined by the head tournament director.