The 2nd Bridge Congress in the memory of Andrzej Żurek

Krakow, July 12th - 14th 2019


Dear Friends,
Two years have passed since we said goodbye to our colleague, our best friend, husband and father - Andrzej Zurek. That we can again meet in a nice atmosphere and dedicate our greatest passion to this beloved person, we sincerely invite you to this second Memorial tournament. We would love to see you again.
Teresa, Anita i Piotr Żurek

All the money you pay into the tournament goes into the prize pool
The prizes are co-financed by 20,000 PLN
Free coffee, tea and refreshments provided throughout the event

Kärcher Centennial Hall and Sports Center for the Disabled
Al. Marshal Ferdinand Foch 40
31-119 Cracow

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